GO!DIVA Danielle M. N. Godiva aka GO!DIVA was born in Holland in 1980. She always had a passion for music. When house music got on her way she started to collect vinyl in 1992. A year later she went to her first big rave and started to produce hardcore with some friends. After a few years, DJs like Dave Clarke, Jeff Mills, Sven Vath, Richie Hawtin etc. got her back into techno music.

In 2001 she picked up producing again, with simple programs just for fun, so nothing serious. After 16 years of collecting vinyl and going to parties she got her first turntables at the end of 2007.

In 2009 she started to play at parties/festivals and soon she realised that her passion for music was more than just a hobby and invested in some hardware and software to use and make music in a more professional way.

GO!DIVA loves all kinds of electronic music, but mainly focus on techno. Her mixes are made with vinyl and Traktor (with timecoded vinyl). For producing she uses ableton, akai apc and vst`s.

2010 started good for GO!DIVA. She made it into the finals of the Next Generation DJ contest. On february the 8th she had her first release `Be Patient` on Lot49 and more releases on Intertech Records, !Organism Records, Redbox Records, NBG-music and Brickwork are scheduled for later this year. On the 16th of february she started her own radioshow `GO!DIVA FM` on .